About us

Our organisation

The Ecuadorian Cochrane Associated Center, located in Quito, is a non-profit scientific organisation, part of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network based in Barcelona.

Cochrane Ecuador is responsible for the production and dissemination of systematic reviews, which are the best and most reliable scientific evidence to make informed decisions about health problems.

About us

Cochrane Ecuador Centre is located at University UTE, Occidental Campus, and it is coordinated by:

Ricardo Hidalgo Ottolenghi
Centre Director
Daniel Simancas Racines
Centre Coordinator

About the university

The institution, as Cochrane Ecuador's headquarters, is committed to the following functions:

  • To become an information point about Cochrane in Ecuador.
  • To organise seminars and specific training activities on the methodology of systematic reviews and to provide the necessary equipment and spaces for this purpose.
  • To encourage, support and provide methodological advice to people who wish to participate in Cochrane activities.
  • To actively promote Cochrane's work through conferences, talks, newsletters, articles, etc.
  • To develop and implement strategies for the identification of clinical trials conducted within the country or region.
  • To develop our own systematic reviews and research projects within the scope of Cochrane.
  • To prepare, adapt and/or translate Cochrane's material and to develop general strategies for its dissemination, especially from Cochrane Library Plus.